Support Upstate SC

An app and web-based tool that makes it easy to contact and support South Carolina-based restaurants.

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  • Ad-free

  • Explore restaurants, no sign in required - OR - sign up to save restaurants as your favorites for quick access.

  • Search by zipcode, tags, name, or pickup options

  • Easy call-in ordering.

  • Get immediate directions when you're ready to pickup

  • See open hours, average cost, and popularity

  • Link out to restaurant websites for menus and online ordering

  • Access in a browser or through the app.

  • Post support for restaurants or whenever you eat from them.

  • For owners, add your restaurant so people can find you.

  • Owners can also send updates and special offers to any user who opts in to receiving them.

  • Best of all, it's FREE to download and use.


The Support Upstate SC App collects only the data that is provided by it's users - namely profile photo, name, email, a password, device info like IP address and device type, and restaurant preferences. Users must opt-in to this service and may elect to opt-out at any time. An account is not required to use the Support Upstate SC service. Click below to access the full privacy policy.

About the App

Support Upstate SC was built and deployed by Patrick Ford in 7 days. For questions, comments, fixes, or feature requests please click below to fill out the contact form.

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Support Upstate SC is proudly made without code.